Loquace is the innovative VoIP and Unified Communication PBX solution for Carriers, Providers and System Integrators who want to offer their companies a smart system for managing contacts, communication between branches, sales forces operation, and interaction with customers and suppliers, at the same time optimizing productivity

Loquace Features

innovative technologies for unified communication & collaboration.

Cloud ready

Loquace is designed to be deployed in a public or private cloud, into virtualized infrastructure or standard server.


Loquace can scale to the size of each individual company and as they grow.

Multi Tenant

Loquace is natively multi tenant. A single instance can safely manage hundreds of companies.

Pbx Features

Loquace supports all the features of the latest generation Pbx.


Loquace Mobile is the App for IOS and Android smartphones. Push Notifications are supported.


Loquace users can select which device or devices are enabled to receive calls or to manage “click and dial” Web call


Loquace manages Faxserver, Instant Messaging and Presence in a sigle user interfaces.


Loquace supports WebRTC natively. Audio and Video Calls can be made directly with the browser.

Audio and Video

Loquace fully supports Audio and Video Call as Audio and Video Conference.

Call Center

Loquace provides the most commonly used features for inbound and outbound Call Center.


Loquace produces comprehensive call reporting (CDR) that allows the company to monitor its traffic in real-time.


Loquace provides APIs which can integrated with third party application.


Loquace has been developed using high performance and very powerful opensource software,
including FreeSWITCH, PostgreSQL, NGIX, XMPP, Play Framework, AKKA, Netty, ANGULAR


Loquace is a highly flexible and scalable architecture that enables organisations to respond quickly to changes, optimising costs and improving operational efficiency.

Loquace Deployment scenarios:

On-Premises Deployment:

Loquace modules are installed on a single PC/Server and deployed in-house and within an enterprise’s IT infrastructure.

Single-Server Cloud Deployment:

Loquace modules are installed on a single Server(VM) and deployed in the carrier’s or enterprise’s IT cloud infrastructure to manage several tenants/domains.

Massive Cloud Deployment:

Loquace modules are installed on dedicated Servers(VMs) in the carrier’s cloud to maximise scalability and fault tolerance and to allow the carrier to manage its reseller network.

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